ArmourBite® Mouthguard Custom
Self-Fit Custom
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Get the fit the pros get.

ArmourBite® (featuring our patented Power Wedges™) unlocks the power of your jaw, while reducing the impact from blows to your jaw. So you can reach your full potential as an athlete, safely. Plus, with this custom product, you can get the same fit, flair and functionality the pros do – in less than 20 painless minutes with your dentist. Perfect for contact sports like football, lacrosse and hockey.



The ArmourBite® Mouthguard delivers multi-patented technology. The performance is proven in independent scientific studies. The advantages are undeniable.

- Increases Strength

- Increases Endurance

- Speeds up Reaction Time

Custom colors

The dental-fit ArmourBite® Mouthguard is available in a wide range of custom-color combinations. Custom components include the Mouthguard EVA, Logo Decal and Power Wedges.

Mouthgaurd Custom Colors



The dental-fit ArmourBite® Mouthguard can be personalized at no additional cost with your name and/or number.

Mouthguard Personalization
ArmourBite® Mouthguard Custom

Contact Sports

Football / Ice Hockey / Lacrosse / Rugby / Basketball / Soccer


  • Ultimate dental fit and comfort
  • Custom colors
  • Personalization options
  • Strapped version available
  • $32,000 Dental Warranty
ArmourBite® Mouthguard Custom

ArmourBite® for you.

See how you can benefit from using ArmourBite® technology in your favorite sport.

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ArmourBite® Mouthguard Custom

ArmourBite® explained.

Skeptical? See the research and science behind our patented technology.

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ArmourBite® Mouthguard Custom

Stronger. Faster. Better.

See what pros, amateurs, trainers, coaches and dentists say about ArmourBite®.

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ArmourBite® Mouthguard Custom

Self-fit ArmourBite®.

Get the self-fit ArmourBite Mouthguard. No dental appointment needed.

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