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ArmourBite® Sports Benefits

How you can benefit from ArmourBite® in your sport.

Scientific data is great, but how does ArmourBite® make you a better athlete in your favorite sport? By adding flex to your flexibility, giving you endurance without end, and allowing you to push your limits and pull out your potential more than ever before. Here are the specifics.

Non-contact sports

How the ArmourBite Mouthpiece can help you


  • Better range of motion can help improve your driving accuracy.
  • Improved strength for that 3-hole playoff in 90 degree heat.


  • Increased endurance allows you to train harder. And longer.
  • Less lactic acid build up helps muscles recover from hard training sessions.
  • Better breathability improves oxygen intake.

Weight Lifting

  • Increase your strength so you can increase your reps.
  • Better breathability so you can relax between reps.
  • Less lactic acid build up helps your muscles recover faster.

Yoga & Pilates

  • Better range of motion increases your flexibility.
  • Improved breathability helps you relax and enjoy your workout.


  • Improved endurance allows you to lengthen workout distances
  • Less lactic acid build up helps your muscles recover faster
  • Improved strength for those races to the finish line.


  • Improved endurance helps get through the grueling 5th set
  • Less lactic acid build up for quicker recovery
  • Improve reaction time for quicker response to those hard serves


  • Be better, faster, stronger, in all your cross training activities

Contact sports

How the ArmourBite Mouthguard can help you


  • Better protection from those hard hits.
  • Increased endurance helps you get through the 4th Quarter.
  • Breathe better, play better and finish stronger.

Ice Hockey

  • Want better protection from those board rattling hits?
  • Skate faster. Shoot harder.
  • Improved endurance will get you through the game. And overtime.


  • Better protection from those helmet rattling hits.
  • Less lactic acid build up, so midfielders can’t dog it anymore.
  • Quicker reaction time allows goalies to increase their save percentages.


  • Increase your speed. Get up the court faster on the break.
  • Increased strength allows you to get through the game with less effort and strain.


  • Improved protection from those jaw rattling tackles.
  • Increased endurance for those never ending games.
  • Less lactic acid build up, so you can avoid those 2nd Half cramps.


  • Increased strength, so you can run the length of the pitch easier.
  • Be faster so you can beat your opponents to the loose ball.