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Sizing & Fitting

Achieve a proper fit.

For best results, it is critical to follow the sizing and fitting instructions for your UA Performance Mouthwear™ products as closely as you can. Failure to do so may result in a less-than-perfect fit and may diminish its benefits.

Click on your selected mouthwear product, in the list on the right, and carefully follow the Fitting Instructions provided.




ArmourBite Mouthguard - English

ArmourBite Mouthpiece - English

ArmourShield Mouthguard - English

ArmourFit Mouthguard - English

UA Braces Mouthguard - English

UA Hoops Mouthguard - English

UA Hoops Braces Mouthguard - English

UA FlavorBlast Antimicrobial - English

UA FlavorBlast Antimicrobial - French 

Product Sizing Guide (PDF)



UBMG Fit Instructions ST Main

UBMG Fit Instructions MW Main

AFMG Fit Instructions ST Main

AFMG Fit Instructions MW Main

ABMP Fit Instructions Main

ABMG Fit Instructions ST Main