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Affiliate Program

Get answers: ArmourBite® Affiliate Program.

Share your enthusiasm for our products, enhance your own site, and earn commissions by placing banner ads or links on your site that link to our online store.


[1] What is the ArmourBite® Affiliate Program?
The ArmourBite® Affiliate Program is a unique opportunity for you to earn extra money from your personal or business website. You can share your enthusiasm for our products, enhance your own site, and earn commissions by placing banner ads or links on your site that link to our online store. The ArmourBite® Affiliate Program is managed by Bite Tech, Inc.

[2] How does it work?
The first step to join the ArmourBite® Affiliate Program is to contact Bite Tech at affiliates@bitetech.com. Please send information about how your website aligns with Armourbite products. Once approved, we will provide you with a Member ID (MID) or tracking link. You will then be able to place the link and banner for ArmourBite® on your website. When visitors come to your site and click on the banner ad, they are taken to www.underarmour.com. You will receive a commission on all purchases made from your MID. All tracking and reporting is done through the Google Affiliate Network. NOTE: Affiliate Program is available on domains for the USA only.

[3] Why become an ArmourBite® Affiliate Member?
An affiliation with ArmourBite® allows you to earn a commission without having to inventory or ship the product directly.

[4] How do I get started?
When you receive your tracking link for your website, you will need to post the link and the banner of choice on your site and you are on your way, referring customers and earning commissions.

[5] What graphics are available?
ArmourBite® will provide an assortment of different web banners that you will be able to choose from to embed on your site.

[6] How are commissions paid?
Payment is on 60 day terms and is based on the agreed upon revenue sharing percentages. All sales data is provided with payment. Commissions are paid on all goods in the final basket. Different commissions apply to different products.

[7] Who is responsible for product shipments?
All shipments are made directly from the Under Armour Distribution House.

[8] What are the Under Armour terms for affiliates?
Affiliate agrees not to bid on the Under Armour name and on any Under Armour trademarks or any common misspelling or confusingly similar trademarks, on any pay-for-placement search engines, including, but not limited to: Yahoo!, MSN, FindWhat.com and Google. The affiliate also agrees to not use Under Armour’s display URL in search listings. The following phrases or terms are considered trademarked and/or like brand terms of Under Armour. This list may be updated from time-to-time: under amor, under amour, under armer, under armor, under armor, under armor, under armur, underamour, underarmer, underarmor, underarmor, underarmour, underarmour, underarmour com, www under armour com, www under- armor, www underarmor com, www underarmour, www underarmour com, www.underarmor.com, www.underarmour.com, advantage is undeniable, advantage undeniable, all season gear, all-season gear, allseasongear, amour, armor, armor, cold gear, colder, heat gear, headgear, protect this house, the advantage is undeniable, ua heat gear, ua headgear, we must protect this house, we will protect this house
For all future incentives and initiatives for affiliates and search marketers, if there is one instance of buying the branded terms that are not allowed, the affiliate will be immediately disqualified from ALL extra bonuses and incentives. We will remove the affiliate or search marketer from the program immediately, and will reverse commissions for the 30 days prior to the violation.

Under Armour does not pay commission on gift card or online gift certificate purchases. Under Armour also does not honor commission when customers redeem Under Armour merchandise with an Under Armour online gift certificate or gift card.

[9] Who can I contact for more information?
If you have questions please contact Bite Tech at affiliates@bitetech.com. This Affiliate Program is available to users in the USA only.