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Custom Mouthguards

Custom UA Performance Mouthwear™


[1] How is ArmourBite® custom mouthwear different than the ArmourBite® product sold at retail?
The custom product is fit by one of our 3200 authorized dental providers. The dentist takes an impression of your teeth and sends it directly to Bite Tech’s lab where your ArmourBite Mouthwear is constructed and personalized, giving you a superior fit. The retail ArmourBite product is self-fitting.

[2] How do you choose between the custom ArmourBite® Mouthguard and custom ArmourBite® Mouthpiece?
The ArmourBite® Mouthguard offers protection in addition to performance benefits, and should be used in contact sports like football, hockey and lacrosse. The ArmourBite® Mouthpiece offers performance benefits and is appropriate for non-contact activities and sports, such as running, yoga, weightlifting, soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, and training. The ArmourBite® Mouthguard fits on the upper teeth, the ArmourBite® Mouthpiece fits on the lower.

[3] Is there any research that supports the ArmourBite® performance claims?
Independent, peer-reviewed studies conducted at some of the nation’s top universities and research centers show that ArmourBite® works. Patented and scientifically proven, ArmourBite® helps athletes train harder and perform better than ever.

[4] Does the custom ArmourBite Mouthguard come in different colors?
The UA Performance Mouthguard comes in several different colors, including red, black, yellow, green, purple, blue and several others. Your name and jersey number can also be included with custom personalization.

[5] How are ArmourBite® products properly cleaned and stored?
UA Mouthwear Freshener is available through your dentist, at retail, or online at www.underarmour.com. ArmourBite® should be stored in the Under Armour anti-microbial case.

[6] What is the manufacturers warranty?
Product is warrantied for one year from date of purchase. Refer to warranty details for more information.

[7] How long will the product last?
Under Armour Performance Mouthwear™ should last at least one season unless your jaw or teeth change dramatically or unless you chew on the product.

[8] How long does it take to receive your Custom Armourbite product?
Once fitted, delivery takes 10 days. Talk to your dentist about shipping options to receive your product sooner.