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Bring performance to your practice and patients.

Imagine what the most coveted name in athletics can do for your practice performance. Activate your Under Armour Custom Launch Kit and become an Under Armour Performance Mouthwear™ provider today. It’s easy!

Why should I become an Authorized Provider?

  • The Under Armour brand is the hottest athletic brand today.
  • Your practice is listed as an authorized provider on www.armourbite.com
  • Under Armour Performance Mouthwear brings new patients to your practice
  • It takes very little chair time and is beneficial for the majority of your patients
  • Products are backed by several peer-reviewed research studies.

How do I become an Authorized Provider?

  1. 1) Contact us at 1-877-248-3832.
  2. 2) Purchase and activate an Under Armour Custom Launch kit.
  3. 3) Use the marketing collateral to promote your practice.