Hitting home runs with Under Armour Performance Mouthwear.

May 3rd, 2010

Welcome to spring. And what a spring it’s been.
Bite Tech hit the Major League Baseball spring training circuit this year and once again made believers out of many players, coaches, trainers, staff and team dentists. The teams visited included the Houston Astros, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals, Detroit Tigers, New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays.

Pro Services representative, Andy Secor, along with physical therapist, Mike Dixey, spent hours taking players through strength and flexibility tests, with and without the appliance. The result was impressive.

Player after player, who initially were skeptical, were lining up to be fit and impatiently asking how soon they could get theirs. More than 70 players were fit. And six team dentists were brought on board as authorized providers. Keep your eyes peeled for our product appearing on the field in MLB parks across the country this season.

Bite Tech technology returns to the field.
Look for other players, too, like Michael Cuddyer, to use the mouthpiece once again this year.

Last year, Michael Cuddyer became one the first MLB players to use Bite Tech technology. It has since become a part of his uniform, and his story highlights all the mouthpiece benefits.

Cuddyer actually started using his mouthpiece near the end of 2008 as he dug into some rigorous rehab to clear up nagging injuries. His mouthpiece helped speed up his recovery process, which included aerobic and resistance training. Then it was game time.

The first weekend Cuddyer used his performance mouthpiece in games, he went 10 for 15 in a series against the Yankees. Needless to say, he wore it for the rest of the season, posting some of his best all-time numbers, highlighted by his most home runs ever in a single season. Very simply, he was a man on fire.

Michael Cuddyer not only experienced increased strength and better endurance, but also less stress on the field. “It’s weird to describe, “ he relates, “but wearing the mouthpiece at the plate, I felt balanced, not rushing, not forcing.” He concludes, “If I don’t have it in, I feel naked.

Unlike opposing pitchers, we’re looking forward to seeing “Cuddy” at the plate again this season, strong, calm, in the zone and taking his time to send them over the fences.