Word of mouth. Out of some very well-known mouths.

At Bite Tech, professional athletes have been a part of our very soul from day one. The truth is, there is no greater proving ground for our product than the crucible of athletic competition at the highest levels imaginable. These athletes understand the importance of having an edge more than anyone else. And they are also less likely to put up with a product that doesn’t deliver.

“The ArmourBite Mouthpiece helps me train harder, recover faster and ski stronger.”
Lindsey Vonn, U.S. Olympic Downhill Skier

“Much like I wouldn’t race without a helmet, I wouldn’t race without my ArmourBite mouthguard. It provides that extra bit of protection and performance to help me feel safer and perform better while racing.”
Alice McKennis, U.S. Olympic Ski Team

“If I don’t have it in, I feel naked. It has become part of my uniform.”
Michael Cuddyer, Minnesota Twins

“I tried it, not only on the field but off the field during workouts. I could feel the difference in my endurance. I was stronger, my body felt better.”
Adrian Peterson, Running Back, Minnesota Vikings

“It has increased my strength, power and heightened my accuracy.”
Hunter Mahan, PGA Pro

“I stepped off the range after a three-hour practice and it’s the best I’ve ever felt. I could play for another hour and maintain my stamina.”
Bruce Fleisher, Champions Tour Player

“ArmourBite allows me to get more oxygen to my muscles, which increases my power and my ability to swing the golf club in excess of 145MPH to produce 400 plus yard drives with better focus and accuracy.”
Nyle Pruitt, Long Drive Champion

“When the game is on the line I want my body and mind to be 100% in sync, this technology makes that happen for me.”
Marian Gaborik, New York Rangers, NHL All-Star

“The weights didn’t feel so heavy.”
David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox

“I have noticed feeling more relaxed while riding.”
Sarah Haskins, Pro Triathlete

“Where I’m really seeing improvement is in my drive phase and pulling a sled. I know that I am getting out of the hole better than I ever have.”
Luke Schultz, U.S. Skeleton

“I am always looking for that extra edge. From the moment I put my Under Armour Performance Mouthpiece in my mouth, I could feel a difference.”
Chris McCormack, Pro Triathlete, 2-Time Kona World Champion

“The Under Armour Performance Mouthwear has given me the edge I need to increase my strength, keep me quick on my feet and rise to the challenge.”
Rey Maualuga, Cincinnati Bengals

“It’s the best technology on the market. I used to hate wearing a mouthguard in games because its bulkiness would impede on my breathing techniques.”
Paul Rabil, Boston Cannons and Washington Stealth

“Communication is a vital part of my position. This product fits like non-other. I can shout and be understood.”
Willie Mitchell, Vancouver Canucks

“When I wear the piece, I’m astounded by how different I feel. I’ve had multiple point games and my legs feel amazing. Even my lungs feel better. I’ve got power in the 3rd period I didn’t have before. I love this product.”
Caitlin Cahow, U.S. Women’s National Hockey Team

“Leading up to my Olympic race, I wore the ArmourBite Mouthpiece during my most intense workouts. It makes me more conscience of my breathing and I can feel more airflow which, understanding physiology, allows for better lactate removal. My training before the Olympics went flawlessly and my Olympic race was to date, the race of my life. I can’t wait for more to come!”
Nancy Swider-Peltz, Jr., U.S. Speedskating Team

“I love the fit of this product and have used it during several cross-country ski sprint races. I’ve noticed my shoulders and upper body area are less tense at the finish line, which is where every split second counts.  It might be my secret weapon at the Olympics, but I’m not telling.”
Valerio Leccardi, Swiss Nordic Ski Team

“I have been wearing the pieces for the past month or so while snowboarding and have noticed a huge difference in my breathing and concentration. I suggest any athlete who takes what they do serious to try these pieces out.”
John Paul Tomich, U.S. Extreme Snowboarder

“In fencing it’s essential to be relaxed and explosive… it can be the difference between victory and defeat. I highly recommend this product to give you an edge!”
Tim Morehouse, U.S. Fencing Team

“ I recognize the importance of gaining every advantage I can. I have found that my Bite Tech mouthpiece allows me to maximize my training and most importantly, helps me to stay calm and focused in critical competitive situations where one minor detail determines victory or defeat.”
Jason Rogers, U.S. Fencing Team

“My mouthpiece has made all the difference in the world. It doesn’t just help when I’m grinding down pushing a 500lb. sled but also when I’m hurling down the track at 90mph pulling 6 g’s. I’m able to maintain a clear head and stay focused on what’s in front of me; a huge advantage over my competitors. We came away with the 4-man Overall World Cup Title this year, a feat the American’s haven’t met in 17 years.”
Steve Holcomb, Driver, 2010 Olympic Gold Medal, USA 4-Man Bobsled “The Night Train” Team

“I really found it beneficial in the gym. The 1st time out I was hitting seasons bests.”
Dan Ward-Smith, London Wasps Rugby Team

“An excellent product, I feel that I am a significantly better athlete when I am wearing UA Performance Mouthwear.”
George Skivington, England Saxons Rugby Team

I really like the technology and have been wearing it for all of the Six Nations’ matches so far.  At this level, you’ve got to try anything that can enhance performance on the field.
Stephen Jones, Wales Rugby Team

I was an asthma sufferer and was reluctant to wear a mouthguard for either training or playing. Since I have been using my ArmourBite Mouthguard my concerns have gone. The ArmourBite actually opens my airways and helps me breath better. I always had a bulky mouthguard before and the option to have a comfortable, custom-fit mouthguard from the dentist is a much better idea.
Jonathan Thomas, Wales Rugby Team

“I can lift more, lift longer and increase my aerobic workload. I’m also recovering significantly faster. I’ve had nothing but great results.”
Nick Garcia, Toronto FC

“I used the UA mouthpiece in training and the first Half Ironman triathlon of the season. I have never felt so good getting out of the swim. I got off the bike and felt excellent - the best I have ever felt off a bike during a triathlon. On the run, I felt even better on the 2nd loop than the first! Unbelievable. I felt completely and utterly relaxed during the entire event. The next day I felt alert and had energy, something that has never happened after any race.”
Marta Lewinski, Elite Amateur Triathlete

I’m racing my bike faster this year than ever before. I’ve notched my first Cat1 road win and have already set two time trial PR’s on courses that I’ve been racing for years. What’s different this year? Well, I’ve been training and competing with my ArmourBite! Take this year’s Snake Alley Criterium. Having forgotten t…o wear my ArmourBite, I struggled in the 40+ race, feeling out of sorts and settling for 5th. Then, when wearing the ArmourBite a few hours later in the 30+ race, I felt unstoppable and was able to solo away for the victory against a significantly stronger field. I’m totally sold. What an awesome product!
Daniel Casper, Cat1 Rider, GrandStay Cycling Team

“I never train or referee a match without my ArmourBite™ as it gives me that little bit extra.”
Alain Rolland, IRFU & IRB International Referee

“The ArmourBite™ is a great training tool.”
Alan Lewis, IRFU & IRB International Referee

“I work out regularly in the gym and the Armourbite™ gives me the opportunity to tap into an unused energy source. The ArmourBite™ gives you the edge you need.”
Paul Flynn, Dublin Football Team

“The one thing I always wear when playing is my ArmourBite™ mouthguard. I’m protected and it allows me to communicate with players, as the fit and size are so comfortable.”
Ger Brennan, Dublin Football Team

“The ArmourBite™ is another example of how Under Armour keeps on pushing the boundaries of athletic performance. I have been testing the ArmourBite™ mouthpiece in recent weeks and am intrigued by the technology.”
Ross Fisher, PGA Pro

“Just got back from the National Power Lifting Championships and I’m happy to report a new world record of 551lbs. at 181 lb body weight and 47yrs old. I believe ArmourBite™ helped me achieve this historic lift. I have qualified for the World Championships held in Helsinki, Finland in November of this year. My goal is 600+. “
Nick Marinis, World Record Weightlifter

“As a competition skydiver, I know the importance of staying focused. As a dentist, I understand that counteracting the effects of clenching is the key to unlocking maximum athletic potential. When your sport takes place at 125mph, you need every advantage you can get. My ArmourBite gives me that edge on every skydive.”
Dr. Andrew Palermo DDS, FASTBREAK 4-Way Formation Skydive Team

“I found using the ArmourBite Mouthpiece in training and the ArmourBite Mouthguard on match day extremely beneficial. Not only has my muscular tension relaxed, specifically in my hamstrings, but my strength in the gym has increased. ArmourBite is like my boots, I need them to train and play.”
Olly Morgan, Gloucester Rugby Team

“It’s the difference between getting knocked down and getting knocked out. Stay in the fight with ArmourBite.”
Daniel Gracie, MMA

“I use it for games and during my workouts. It improves my strength and endurance.”
Travis Hafner, Cleveland Indians

“The ArmourBite Mouthpiece really helps me with my overall body strength, alignment and flexibility. I feel it is a very necessary key to my training and performance to get me where I want to be in my career.”
Cole Devries, Minnesota Twins Organization