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Bite Tech partners with R&B Dental Solutions to expand ArmourBite in Europe


GREENWICH, CT - Bite Tech, Inc. announces that R&B Dental Solutions in Germany is the newest authorized dental distributor of Bite Tech’s patented ArmourBite® technology products, expanding its Performance Mouthwear™ products to athletes throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria.  As an authorized distributor of Under Armour Performance Mouthwear™ to the dental market, R&B Dental Solutions and its team of licensed dentists will fit athletes with Under Armour’s innovative line of custom mouthwear and mouthguards designed to improve athletic performance.  “We’re excited to partner with R&B Dental Solutions because it allows Bite Tech to further expand our international reach, have local experts

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USA Powerlifting gets a performance boost from Bite Tech’s ArmourBite technology

ArmourBite Mouthpiece

Columbia City, IN – USA Powerlifting, the premier national organized body of powerlifting athletes in the US, has partnered with Bite Tech, Inc. to make its performance-enhancing ArmourBite® Mouthpiece available to all of its member athletes and other powerlifters.The ArmourBite Mouthpiece is scientifically proven to improve strength, muscular endurance and recovery time. Most importantly, the technology reduces lactic acid and cortisol, which is often referred to as the power lifter’s worst enemy. Given the considerable benefits, USA Powerlifting has designated the Armourbite Mouthpiece as the official mouthpiece of USA Powerlifting.Powerlifters typically clench more than most athletes due to the constant

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Bite Tech, Inc. announces acquisition of CustMbite, LLC

CustMbite has both a very attractive intellectual property portfolio as well as an impressive customer list that includes professional sports franchises, leading NCAA athletic programs, and a long list of high school athletic teams. In addition, we are delighted to have Dr. Monroe Elkin, Co-Founder of CustMbite, on our team to help provide the same high level of service to our customers.We are excited to both incorporate CustMbite intellectual property into our product line and also look forward to introducing our broad product line to existing and prospective CustMbite customers.The acquisition unites powerful technologies and capabilities and will ensure that

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Under Armour makes jaw-dropping technology available to athletes of all levels

BALTIMORE, MD – Under Armour (NYSE:UA), the Baltimore, MD-based leader in sports performance apparel, footwear and accessories, once again cracks the code on a centuries-old phenomenon to make athletes stronger, faster and better. Featuring patented Bite Tech technology, a new line of “boil-and-bite” Under Armour Performance Mouthwear™ products, called ArmourBite® mouthwear, will be available for purchase at authorized dental offices, sporting goods retail locations and UnderArmour.com starting in March.When under stress or strain, athletes clench their teeth, triggering an excess production of performance-sapping hormones like cortisol, the stress hormone, and restrict the airway. Studies have shown that by putting a

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Bite Tech Helps Under Armour Introduce Jaw-Dropping Technology

MINNEAPOLIS – Bite Tech, Inc., a Minneapolis-based technology company dedicated to improving performance and health, has partnered with Under Armour to release its latest product innovation: Performance Mouthwear.Powered by ArmourBite®, Bite Tech’s patented technology, Under Armour Performance Mouthwear is an innovative new line of custom mouthpieces and mouthguards designed to improve athletic performance. UA Performance Mouthwear can help any athlete improve strength, endurance and reaction time, reduce athletic stress, and with the mouthguard, reduce impact from blows to the jaw.“Throughout history, soldiers, warriors and athletes realized that by preventing their teeth from clenching together with a leather strap or bullet,

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