Beyond sports: ArmourBite works for anyone who asserts themselves physically or deals with stress.

From the playing field to the battlefield, ArmourBite technology is helping not only athletes but firefighters, police, SWAT teams, Special Forces and other military personnel as well. After all, high-pressure, tense, aggressive situations aren’t found only in the sports world. Just ask students, executives, moms, airline pilots, physicians, truckers, teachers, laborers… the truth is, at times we could all use some assistance with our performance.

Some of us need that assistance more frequently. Like Omaha firefighter, Nate Rohda.

To stay in the top physical condition his occupation calls for, Nate works out extensively. He immediately noticed more enduring strength and faster recovery wearing the mouthpiece during exercise. About three weeks after first using the UA performance mouthpiece, this happened, as Nate tells it:

“Yesterday it was -20F here and I was just a little over halfway through my workout at the fire station. We had a call for a car wreck and were standing outside prying a car door open and lifting a patient that weighed over 200 lbs. for probably 20 minutes. Normally I would be completely drained after a call like that. But after wearing the mouthpiece on the call, I went to back the station and finished my workout. I tell you that has never happened before.”

We don’t know who was more pleased. Nate. Or the victim of the accident.