The technology is patented. The performance is proven.

Our multi-composite, bio-engineered, intra-oral products are designed to provide performance benefits for every athlete in training, competition and rehabilitation.

Independent studies conducted at some of the nation’s top universities and research centers have proven the benefits of Bite Tech’s technology and its performance mouthwear products.

A comprehensive report that includes several university studies on performance-enhancing mouthwear was published in the July/August issue of Compendium.

The Bite Tech Research Institute, led by Dr. Hank Cross has a number of additional studies underway with Dr. Dena Garner from the Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Medicine, The Citadel and at IMG Academies.

Alexander, Cherie (1999). A Study on the Effectiveness of a Self-fit Mandibular Repositioning Appliance on Increasing Human Strength and Endurance Capabilities. Knoxville, University of Tennessee (Attached)
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Airway Opennings/Lactate Levels
Garner, D.P. and McDivitt, E. (2009). Effects of mouthpiece use on airways Openings Lactate Levels in Healthy College Males. Compendium: A Supplement of Continuing Education in Dentistry, 30(2):9-13.
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Reaction Time
Garner, D.P. and Miskimin, J. (2009). Effects of Mouth Piece Use on Auditory and Visual Reaction Time in College Males and Females. Compendium: A Supplement of Continuing Education in Dentistry, 30(2): 14-17.
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Padgett, Katie (2005). Evaluation of the Effects on Human Performance Characteristics and Peak Head Accelerations with the Use of Various Intra-Oral Appliances. Knoxville, University of Tennessee. (Excerpts attached).
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Pitching Velocity
House, Tom; Wishmyer, Randy (March 2011). The Effects of ArmourBite® Mouthpiece Use on Baseball Pitching Velocity. Rod Dedeaux Research & Baseball Institute.
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