How It Works
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Real-time understanding of a collision’s real impact.

There’s a growing epidemic of undiagnosed sports brain injuries – time to take it head on. The revolutionary new Impact Intelligence System gives coaches, athletic trainers and physicians the ability to accurately measure the place and level of any given impact, hit or event - moreover, within the context of an individual athlete’s history of exposure and injury. How? At its core, is a state-of-the-art mouthguard transmitting real-time information to coaches, athletic trainers and physicians on the sidelines. It’s the first solution to actually get inside the player’s head. 

How the Impact Detection System Works

Impact Detection

The Impact Intelligence System utilizes a custom-fit, instrumented mouthguard that measures the impacts and accelerations experienced by the brain. Embedded in the Impact Sensing Mouthguard are accelerometers and gyroscopes which allow for accurate characterization of the full internal acceleration of the subject’s brain.

Data Transmission

The data is transmitted in real-time via our proprietary wireless protocol to a base station at the sideline. The base station transmits the data via GSM up to a secure internet database.

Notifications & Alerts

The system sends notifications and alerts to authorized athletic trainers, team medical personnel and/or coaches via mobile devices or computers about impacts to players heads.

Athlete Assessment

The system also provides a suite of tools supporting athlete assessment in bench vs. play decisions, recovery and safe return to play protocols.


The system provides a suite of tools supporting athlete assessment in bench vs. play decisions.

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Available soon.

The Impact Intelligence System is currently available on a limited, pre-production basis. Market launch is planned for 2012.

How It Works

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How It Works

High-tech electronics.

The Impact Sensing Mouthguard accurately measures impacts and accelerations.

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How It Works

Stanford University.

The Stanford University football team is testing the Impact Intelligence System.

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How It Works

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