Impact Sensing Mouthguard
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Concussions: What’s your head worth?

We’re introducing the world’s most exciting new sports technology platform. And the first mouthguard to accurately measure the impacts and accelerations experienced by the brain during sports – from inside the head. Form meets function with this innovative mouthguard which keeps you safer and provides superior comfort and fit.



The Impact Sensing Mouthguard features a system of 3 axes of high G linear accelerometers and 3 axes of high-angular rate gyroscopes embedded to allow for accurate characterization of the full 6 axis acceleration waveform experienced internal to the subject’s skull.



The Impact Sensing Mouthguard transmits the data and information via a proprietary wireless protocol to a base station at the sideline, which athletic trainers and the team medical staff have access to.

High-tech electronics.

At the heart of the Impact Sensing Mouthguard: Microscopic accelerometers, gyroscopes and power source on the embedded circuit board.



Featured teams.

The Impact Sensing Mouthguard is current being used by a number of college teams:

  • Stanford University (Football)
  • Notre Dame (Football)
  • University of Washington (Football)
Impact Sensing Mouthguard

Assessment tools.

See how the Impact Sensing Mouthguard integrates into the entire system.

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Impact Sensing Mouthguard

Smash-lab tested.

Independent tests at Stanford School of Medicine validate the Impact Intelligence System.

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Impact Sensing Mouthguard

Stanford University.

The Stanford University football team is testing the Impact Intelligence System.

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Impact Sensing Mouthguard

Make an impact.

Join the fight – sponsor a team and help keep concussions out of the game.

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