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Product Announcement: UA Hoops and UA Hoops Braces Mouthguards

December 10th, 2013


  • Contact: Melanie McNichol
  • Marketing Manager
  • Bite Tech Inc. 
  • (203) 202-3239
  • November 1, 2022

ArmourFit® Technology now available in UA Hoops and UA Hoops Braces Mouthguards designed exclusively for basketball players

Norwalk, CT (November 1, 2022) - Bite Tech, the exclusive licensee for Under Armour Performance Mouthwear, introduces the NEW UA Hoops and UA Hoops Braces line of low profile, dentist-like fit mouthguards featuring Armourfit® Technology.

Launched last spring for full contact sports in the ArmourFit® and UA Braces Mouthguard lines, Bite Tech extended its patented ArmourFit® material to the UA Hoops and UA Hoops Braces lines. The material is entirely new to mouthguard manufacturing and represents the only chew resistant and re-fittable line of mouthguards on the market today. 

The ArmourFit® material in UA Hoops and UA Hoops Braces molds to teeth and gums providing athletes with an “at home” tight, comfortable, dentist-like custom fit. On court, athletes are able to easily breathe and talk, enabling better in game performance and communication.  Additionally, the ArmourFit® material is designed to maintain its protective integrity, while the chew resistant feature increases durability and ensures the mouthguard keeps its shape and structure. The re-fittable property allows athletes or parents to re-fit the mouthguard after a lost tooth, braces adjustment, a “growth spurt” or any other reason.  Maintaining a proper fit ensures maximum protection for the teeth, jaw and gums at all times.

“A nine-year study by the University of Southern California’s athletic department reported basketball had the highest rate of dental traumatic injuries among all intercollegiate sports. However, only an estimated 7 percent of basketball players wear mouth guards.  Without a doubt basketball is transforming more and more into a highly physical, contact-heavy sport. To that end the UA Hoops line is designed to meet the protection, communication and breathability needs specific to basketball players,” said Jeff Padovan CEO of Bite Tech.

UA Hoops and UA Hoops Braces are available at and sporting goods retailers nationwide. 

Product Information:

  • UA Hoops Mouthguard ($14.99, Size: Ages 11+) – With the new ArmourFit® technology, the UA Hoops Mouthguard molds to teeth for a tight, comfortable, custom fit which can be re-fit multiple times over as the user’s bite changes. Available for ages 11 and up in clear, black, blue, red and pink.
  • UA Hoops Braces Mouthguard ($18.99, Size: Ages 11+) – The UA Hoops Braces Mouthguard from Under Armour was designed by a dentist and molds to braces to provide maximum protection, safety and a custom fit which can be re-fit multiple times over as the user’s bite changes. Available for ages 11 and up in light blue. 

 About Under Armour Performance Mouthwear™ and Bite Tech Inc.

Bite Tech Inc. is the exclusive licensee of Under Armour Performance Mouthwear.  Founded in 1995, Bite Tech holds more than 45 patents and pending patents for its innovative, proprietary mouthwear technologies. Elite athletes in virtually all sports rely on Bite Tech mouthguards and mouthpieces for protection and performance improvement on and off the field. All Bite Tech mouthwear is made in the USA.  For further information, please visit the Company’s website at 

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