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American College of Sports Medicine

Research Presentation: The Effects of Mouthpiece Use on Salivary Cortisol Levels During Exercise

May 2008 - Captain Dena Garner, PhD., Assistant Professor - The Citadel, Department of Health, Exercise and Sports Science and the Principal Investigator for Bite Tech Research presented the findings from her initial cortisol studies on May 31, 2023 at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Indianapolis.

Dr. Garner has gone on record stating, "Preliminary studies conducted under my supervision have shown that the EDGE gave faster reaction times to visual and auditory cues, benefits in rifle shooting accuracy, and a decrease in the stress hormone, cortisol, during intense exercise. The use of the EDGE will have a direct effect on improving performance of the armed forces."

The Bite Tech Research Institute has been conducting research programs at The Citadel since 2004.

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