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Performance Enhancement Without Drugs™

Bite Tech, Inc., is a privately held company that was founded by Jon Kittelsen and counts numerous professional athletes among its investors. Its mission is to provide drug-free technologies that allow athletes to enhance their performance and achieve their true potential, and, for those athletes whose sport demands it, to provide enhanced mouthguard protection.

Jon Kittelsen, Founder, is responsible for revolutionizing the mouthguard marketplace by introducing innovative technology, new materials and patented features. His name appears on over twenty-five patents in mouthguard technology and other oral appliances. Largely as a result of Kittelsen's innovation, the motivation to purchase mouth protection is no longer due solely to mandate, but also to superior technology and now, performance enhancement.

Dr. Henry Cross III, Director, Bite Tech Research Institute, possesses over 40 years experience in bringing new products to market. As Technical Director for Colgate-Palmolive, Cross oversaw the development of products such as Irish Spring, Ajax, and Fab. Dr. Cross was also instrumental in launching sporting goods products such as Etonic Golf and Running Shoes, Ram Golf Clubs, and Bancroft Tennis Racquets. Dr. Cross' knowledge of athletics has led him to serve on the United States Olympic Committee in the Sports Equipment and Technology division, as Chairman and Executive Director of the United States Shooting Team, as well as Executive Director of International Shooting. Currently, Dr. Cross is the immediate past president of the Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC), a group that is responsible for setting the standard in protective gear for the game of hockey. He is an honorary member of the ASTM Committee for Sports Equipment and Facilities and also Chairman of their Task Force on standards for football helmets and mouthguards.

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